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Certified forest
Certified forests are certified by the certificates that the forest management unit certified achieved standards of responsible forest management by the organization certificate or authorization certificate specified.
Today, the world increasingly concerned about the status and quality of forest area on a decline, affect the living environment and ability to provide forest products for sustainable development as well as the everyday needs of people. The problem to be solved is: how forest management business to ensure both economic benefits has brought real benefits to communities living in the forest, not just cause bad effects to the environment?
Deciding factor for consumers in the country selected a wood products processing is not only the quality or design but also the origin of raw materials to create that product.
This is the trend of consumers nguoit world, the main object of the Vietnam wood products and also the top concern of many businesses today wood processing ...
More than 300 environmental activists flocked to a peaceful protest in a timber of International Fair held in Germany.These people are calling for consumers worldwide and do not support the use of wood products FSCTM certified, but instead should select products with environmental friendly. This picture is as much wood processing enterprises in both countries and enterprises concerned because if Vietnam does not have FSCTM certification some day consumers would boycott their products ...
Select products will not harm environment
FSCTM (Forest Stewardship CouncilTM) is the name of the Board and also the international forest is a forest certification by the management council. FSC is a global program of testing the product chain from raw material to finished product.
Quality management systems applicable to international business or as HACCP - quality standards of the fisheries sector, GMP for the pharmaceutical industry, or SA 8000 - pepper use of labor standards and social responsibility in the footwear and textile industry ...
Vietnam enterprises that FSCTM has become important for processing wood products for export, especially outdoor wood products. An administrator in the wood industry, said: "These problems tend to affect the natural environment while consumers Western countries do not want to choose products destroy habitat, but the West is the main market of the Green River Doors. Therefore, our company is implementing the objectives of raising production rates using FSCTM certified wood.
Not only is the quality, design, price
These natural disasters: landslides, floods ... the last time killing untold hundreds of thousands of casualties and damage to other property anywhere in the world is believed by indiscriminate deforestation.Photos of trauma is more harmful confirmed a series of habitat destruction related to the previous forests across the planet and actually affect the perception of consumers in developed countries. Just like in the textile industry or handicraft goods, products made from child labor or exploitation of nature were consumer boycotts.SA 8000 certification helps major companies prove their products are produced in good conditions and responsibilities.
Mr. Sander van den Ende - Network Coordinator of forest products business in Vietnam (VFTN), said: "The awareness of consumers in the increasingly high, the product not only cheap, good quality or nice choice by consumers but also to protect the environment. "
Opportunity to enhance competitiveness
According to Board of International Forest, now has over 4,000 units and organizations, including FSCTM certificate processing companies, forest owners, commercial enterprises ...Of these, over 80 timber processing enterprises Vietnam FSCTM certified more than 1,200 in total business activity in this area including the Green River Doors Co. Ltd. of us. According to this council, surveyed over 250 companies in the world certified to the FSCTM found that thanks to the company’s revenue grew substantially.
Green River Doors commitment that: "We have been and will continue to pursue the goal of increasing the percentage of FSCTM-certified wood product processing in order to increase revenue, increase profitability, enhance reputation of particular companies, all sectors of wood processing industry in Vietnam in general.
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