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Waste Water treatment plant
Wastewater treatment system consists of two types:
1. Process waste water treatment
Wastewater collected in sewers, the sewage flows into the tank but the air conditioner. After the conditioning tank is pumped into the waste water but sewage flowing down the computer then automatically aeroten tank. The atmosphere here is fed into the machine by two rotating blower operation 24/24

Aeroten swimming microorganism will be supplemented by activated sludge in preventing sedimentation and nutrients are provided to create conditions for microbial growth. Inside the tank Aeroten have materials to be exposed to price microorganisms stick and grow, these microorganisms will decompose organic matter into the end product is CO2, and H2O concentrations decrease Domestic Waste
After the biological treatment process, sewage through prevents sedimentation to settle back and be pumped into the sludge drying sludge

Wastewater flow to continue to tank. Here, the disinfectant solution is pumped through quantitative guideline on. oxidative microbial pathogens occurs. Disinfectant is strong oxidant oxidizing microbial membrane disease and killing them
From the water tank is pumped to the tank waste activated carbon filter to remove residue left in the biological output of waste water in aerobic trickling filters, activated carbon is used to remove odors in wastewater processing Food
Bon activated carbon filter is the last process in the wastewater treatment system. After filtering through activated carbon sinks, waste water can be discharged into the receiving source
2.wastewater treatment process paint
Wastewater treatment systems arising in the process of spraying, coating paint. The entire waste water is led into the conditioning tank. Here, the wastewater flow will be adjusted, PH, is then led through the flocculation tank.
Thanks to glue together, the contaminants come together to form large mud and cotton are disposed outside the process of settling in sedimentation tanks. The water in the tank is pumped to filter bar, cleaned and returned to circulation for the initial production process.

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